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Ethic -'s Profile

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    LABEL: Univeral Music Group
    Full Name: Ethic
    D.O.B: 2018


    The four-man musical group has enjoyed a meteoric rise since the release of their debut single Lamba Lolo since 2018.

    Ethic Entertainment is a popular Kenyan music group made up of ReklesSWAT Mtoto wa EuniceSeska and Zilla.

    Swat Mtoto wa Eunice (real name Boniface Mwangi) was born on April 18th 1997.

    Rekles, the group’s front-man, was born on 24th April.

    Zilla was born on July 10th.

    Ethic has released a series of hit singles that began with Lamba Lolo in May 2018. Along the way they have had features with various other Kenyan artists including Otile Brown, The Kansoul and Boondocks Gang such as Position (2018), Thao,Tarimbo, Dondoka, Quarantei, Chapa Chapa and Instagram.

    They also released a hit album Bigman Bado Odinare

    in which they beefed over with Octopizzo after Ethic claimed Octopizzo had refused to collabo with them in their new album.

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