Ghanaian Hacker Narrates How He Slept In A Coffin And Made Ksh 280 Million

OVERVIEW OF: Ghanaian Hacker Narrates How He Slept In A Coffin And Made Ksh 280 Million

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– A Ghanaian internet fraudster has revealed he went to Benin and made KSh 280 million as a result

According to him, this happened back in 2009 when he pounced on a rich woman he wanted to take money from but the process proved futile

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A traditional priest in Ghana recommended Benin to him after finding out that the task was beyond him

A man who practises internet fraud in Ghana has revealed how he went to Benin in 2009 where he performed many black magic rituals and made KSh 280 million within a short amount of time.

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The man narrated the entire scary story in the snippet of an interview with GhOne TV seen by

According to the man, whose name is withheld, he met a rich woman in 2009 who had a lot of money but did not want to give it out.

To get a portion of the wealth, the man visited a traditional priest in Ghana who said the task was beyond his level and recommended he go to Benin.

On the way to Benin, the commuters crossed two strange rivers to the site where only a special language was being spoken.

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There, the man narrating the story says he was informed the rich woman was part of a serious occult group and was a ‘free-agent’.

According to the Benin priest, who appeared and disappeared at the shrine, the woman’s occultic group was so strong that they needed to seek permission from India to be able to carry out the plot.

Until permission was granted, the wealth-seeker was required to sleep in a coffin for a week.

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Subsequently, the rich woman was influenced to send KSh 280 million through a fraudulent deal after which she was spiritually eliminated so she would not take any revenge.

The man confirmed she collapsed at the bank right after sending the money and that was how he got all his wealth.



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