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How To Get A Good Girlfriend In Campus

Posted by on July 28, 2020 0

OVERVIEW OF: How To Get A Good Girlfriend In Campus

Many people would rather marry a class eight drop out than a lady who has gone to campus, got her degree and is independent.

This is because they think that learned girls do not good wife materials since most of the modern-day university students are not well behaved.

The truth is everybody is bound to behave differently and you can get a university wife that suits your choice.

This is only possible if you do the following;

1.Be at the right place

If you want a wife that drinks alcohol or other hard drinks, then be at the bars most of the time. If you want a religious type I bet you should make frequent visits to church or worship places. If you want that one who likes staying indoors, then visit the ladies’ hostels on weekends, you will find her on her cube resting, when most of them are out.

2.Be true

Most students fake their way of life when they join university and in the way they end up joining the wrong social group. Some behave to be rich but in the real sense they are struggling. 

When you meet a lady and you think she suits you, just tell her that your financial status is struggling and if she loves you despite that, then you are having a girl to look into.

3.Be social

Do not just be a book wormer. Make friends with all those students you can. You never know they might introduce you to the hottest girl in the school you have always longed for. Juts be aware not to be influenced into bad companies.

There are many other ways you can fall into your ‘Eve”, the one who came from your rib and you have been looking for. But it takes time and you will have to go through many people.



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