Is This Fair? Size 8 Reveals What Her Husband Dj Mo and Mum Have Been Doing To Her!

OVERVIEW OF: Is This Fair? Size 8 Reveals What Her Husband Dj Mo and Mum Have Been Doing To Her!

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Popular gospel artist Size 8 Reborn sounded very bitter as she labeled her husband, DJ Mo as a mama’s boy.

Apparently DJ Mo loves his mother too much according to size 8.

She revealed this during their latest episode of their weekly program, ‘Dine with the Murayas’.

“You are a mama’s boy in capital letters! You love you mum too much. Everything is about your mum. You’re too much,” retorted size 8 live on camera.

DJ Mo on the other hand does not seem to understand how that is even an issue. To him it is embarrassing of Size 8 to raise an issue like that in public.

I was disappointed when Size 8 got saved- Sauti Sol’s Bien Aime reveals.

“Don’t you think people will laugh at you for complaining about my strong justifiable love for my wise mum?” DJ Mo joked.

The gospel songstress revealed that DJ Mo has saved her as ‘just Bae’ while his mother is saved as ‘Queen’. She finds that very unfair. She had to invite her colleague, a guy called Tobby and his wife to try and resolve the pending conflict for them.

“Tobby’s wife has never complained about her husband loving his mother more than her. It looks like this issue is unique to us.”

Size 8 also revealed that any time they have an argument, his mother always sides with him. She ends up looking as the bad one. Any negative comment about DJ Mo’s mother leads to a serious fight.

The couple that they invited finally managed to mediate and resolve the conflict after DJ Mo admitted that he has too much affection for his mother. He promised to tone it down and love his wife more. Size 8 also agreed to try and accept the fact that she cannot change the fact that DJ Mo’s relationship with his mother is unbreakable.

Do you think Size 8’s complaint is justifiable?


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