Women Who Dumped Jalang’o Before The Riches

OVERVIEW OF: Women Who Dumped Jalang’o Before The Riches

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Before Felix Odiwuor walked down the isle with his current lover Amina Chao, Jalango had to endure heartbreaks including one in which potential partners told him off for being poor.

In 2017 during a break fast show at Hot 96, Jalango recounted a lady known as Emily Nduta who left him for their difference in living standards. The two had met in Kenya National Theater when Jalango was a fresh man in the media industry.

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“You see, whether you have money or not, you fall in love and you get to like a woman of your desires. So I loved a girl at the National Theater called Emily. She was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. I would go to watch her.


“She got to know that I loved her and after a long time, she could not take it because, at the time, I only had two trousers. So she one day asked me to take her fo lunch,”

Jalango recalled

Jalango told her he wished he could afford to buy her lunch but his pocket would not allow him.

“I told her, ‘I wish I could but I am financially embarrassed.'”

Jalango narrated

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Emily took Jalango to a high class hotel in Nairobi that Jalango had never been to.

Jalang’o and colleague Kamene

In the mid of their date, Emily enquired about Jalango’s living space to which he responded that he resided in Mwiki. She later made it clear that she did not know Mwiki, she was never planning to know Mwiki and that she will never know Mwiki.

“She told me, ‘you know what Felix, we are very different and I do not want to waste your time. Your friends are not compatible with mine is your neighbourhood. This was not meant to be’,” Jalango added.

Again in 2017 Jalango revealed another lady who claimed to have sired a child with him and wanted upkeep only for her to break it off when she found out that Jalango wasn’t rich.

“She visited me twice in my place and after visiting me the second time she was like this is not the life she expected so she broke it off and got into another relationship,” explained Jalang’o.

Photos Of Jalang’o’s Women

Her name is Cheptoek Boyo – a model and business-lady. She was also a columnist at the STAR, which probably took her to Lions Place often… possibly how they met. She was Jalang’o’s Ex wife
Jalang’o’s wife, Amina Chao,who comes from Mombasa County, is an alumnus of USIU-Africa and currently works for Safaricom Limited.

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